Valentine Gable Boxes & Pocket Tic-Tac-Toe

We got to stay home all day today, I love staying home but today was not by choice. Carley & Emily were both home from school today because they are sick. Two different illnesses too, can you believe it? Carley is down to just a dry cough, but poor Em -she's just miserable. She has been running a fever and her throat hurts bad. If it's the same or worse tomarrow I will be taking her to the doctor - they both have had a tendency to get strep throat, although Carley hasn't had it since getting her tonsils removed last year. I sure hope Emily doesn't have to go through that, but it did make a huge difference in Carley's health so if she has to, she has to...

Anyway, I had a chance to make a couple little things today in between everyone taking naps. I made two little gable boxes, the small one was made using a regular sheet of paper with the template on the page twice. The larger box was the template (x2) on larger 13" x 19" paper. To give you a better comparison, a business car fits perfectly in the bottom of the small box... I used the Gable Box Template from Jersgirl and I used Marie Cole's creatable Hugs & Kisses to pretty it up.
Next, I messed up when I printed my first tic-tac-toes and they came out too small. I cut them out and thought maybe I could find something else to do with them and decided to try this. I made this little "pocket tic-tac-toe" packet. If I would have been planning on making this I would have printed the words "Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe" instead of writing them. Anyway, inside there are pink & red M & M's for the x's and O's... The bag is held in with a couple glue dots and the bottom is tied together with the pink ribbon. thought it would be fun to stick in a card or something.

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Deb M. said...

I love your gable boxes, Lisa. They are just the cutest!! :o)