Recycled spaghettios can gone girly

Hello Friends!
It's Friday!!! Yeah!!! I am so happy it's the weekend. It's been a long week, I am glad the kids had Monday off because I am just wore out this week. One extra day might have done me in.lol

Once in a while my kids get on a kick and want spaghettios or raviolis out of a can OR sometimes I goof and forget to take something out for dinner... They gotta eat though right?lol So, last night it was grilled cheese sandwiches and spaghettios! I kept the can and told myself I was going to do something with it, yes I have done this many times before and end up throwing the cans away. So, I actually did a little something with it... I used some pretty Stampin up paper, and the Love you Much stamp set and dress it up a little bit. First I should say I used one of those safety can openers that takes the whole rim off of the can. The whole reason I bought it was so I could do these cans and that was two years ago!LOL Eventually I get around to doing stuff - I always, always, always have great intentions!LOL Then I decorated the can with the paper, stamps, ribbon and a few rhinestones. I filled the can with a little surprise for a friend. :D I glued the lid back on with Aleen's Fast Grab tacky glue (the purple bottle). That's it, it's all finished, I just need to let the glue finish drying.

As I'm typing this I just had a thought, this would be a fun girl scouts art project... Maybe a fun May Day project to deliver to a nursing home for Easter and delivered to the Women's shelter, or something? Hmmmm, I'm going to have to talk to Emily's GS leader and see if she wants me to start saving her some cans. :D

Anyway, thanks for sharing my day with me and letting me share my projects with you. Have a nice weekend!


Deb M. said...

I love this, Lisa. Just too dang cute!! :o)


Cindy said...

This turned out really cute Lisa. I have looked for one of those can openers but haven't seen them. I guess I will have to look again. love ya Aunt Cindy