Where does the time go?

I had so many plans to get things finished up over this Christmas vacation or more politicaly correct "Winter Break" from school. We are working around the house whenever we are home, of course I don't get as much as I would like to do done between the babies, making meals, etc. but I'm trying. :) I just don't get enough done to be satisfied at the end of the day with my accomplishments. I have decided I'm going to start making myself a list to work from - I know I'm slow at catching on to stuff like that!LOL I received an ipod touch for Christmas (I love it!) and I am just going to put my list right on there and starting using it daily. There has to be some way for me to be more organized in getting stuff done that "needs" to be done instead of always just catching up and settling for how I want things done. Maybe with my new habit of keeping and following a list of things to do I will actually end up with some time to play in my craft room a little more often. So, I guess since it's so close to the new year you could say that's my New Years Resolution. I don't usually make a resolution at the new year because I never follow through. But, I am going to. With the baby, the kids and their school, sports, friends, and so on I have got to be more organized.

That's sums it up, my New Years Resolution is to keep a list and work from it AND to find more time to play with my crafting goodies- holding my sweet baby is the most relaxing to me but I think a little "paper craft therapy" will do me some good. Let's face it the "retail therapy" I love so just isn't a good idea right now.

What's your New Years Resolution(s)? Do you usually stick to it if you make one?

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