What a day... It wasn't too bad

We had our second visit to the childrens hospital and it wasn't too bad. For being a place I would rather not go to, it really is a nice place full of very nice people who you can tell really care about their jobs and what they do.

We seen a different doctor this time and while he didn't give us any great news (I was still hoping for some kind of miracle) he didn't give us bad news either. Right now Lindsey looks great and everyone that came in to meet her and the rest of the family were very happy to see how healthy she is. They all had to look at her growth chart and comment how well she is doing. We met the dietician, one of the social workers, both CF nurses, physical therapist and another lady who works in another therapy lab where Lindsey will go to first before the CF clinic to check her breathing. That wont start happening until she is a little older though since she can't follow their instructions. So, we met most of the people we will see at each CF clinic visit. We will go back in two months...

We learned how to do the physio therapy with a little soft cup thing that you hold between your fingers and pat on Lindsey different places on her chest and back. We don't have to do it regular as of right now, but they wanted us to know how to do it in case she gets a cold or other respirtory infection. We talked with the dietician and learned that even if she still isn't showing any symptoms when she begins eating solid foods she will still need a high calorie diet. We will also continue to give her salt everyday. She will have another sweat test either at her next visit in February or in between that visit and the following one. Hopefully she will continue doing great and the doctor said if that is the case after she turns 1 we may only have to go to the clinic once a year, but they want to see her a minimum of 6 times until she turns 1 or more if she gets any infections, etc. It is all looking good right now though. Right now our goal is to keep her growth above the 50th percentile and stay on top of our doctor visits so if anything does develop they will catch it right away.

Carley & Emily were very well behaved during the whole visit. I think it's important for them to be involved in the visits so they can learn with us and be reassured that their baby sister is doing good and has a bright future ahead of her.

Thanks for being a part of our life and thank you a million times over for your prayers for our sweet girl.

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