Our Weekend

Wow, it's only been two days but it seems like it's been a whole week! Starting Friday night we started getting ready to leave early in the morning Saturday down to Santa Ynez for Carley's soccer tournament. After school I had to rush around and get Carley some sweats (she's outgrown all of the ones she had), buy stuff for a macaroni salad that I had a feeling was a waste but did what the "team mom" asked of us - I hope she is never on another one of our soccer teams and I knew that within the first few minutes after we met her at the beginning of the season. Anyway, we were going to head down Friday night so that Carley could get a good nights rest before her games. But, once we were home and preparing we knew she'd get more rest here at home...

Okay, Saturday arrives bright and early in the morning! Luckily everone wakes up in a good mood. We are on our way and arrive about an hour early, that's okay though because I hate being late to anything. We get out and walk around a bit to check the place out and it doesn't take long to figure out it is waaay too cold for the baby, it might not have been so bad had there not been that icy cold wind. So, I take the baby back to the car and about 1/2 hour later Emily joined us, feet soaked and freezing! Cris comes back between games and I asked him to take us to our hotel to check in and of course he wasn't happy, but I did mention it might be better for me and the two girls to stay home since it was suppose to rain anyway. So we head to Buellton where our reservations were and decide as we are going through Solvang that it would be way nicer to stay there so we spotted a cute little hotel "The Royal Copenhagen Inn". I checked us in and Cris dropped us off and headed back to the soccer fields. Unfortunately the girls lost all three of their games and so they didn't have to play on Sunday. The whole pot luck deal that the team mom/manager planned out was a total waste just like I thought it would be. I could just kick myself for worrying about it and not just buying a cheap container of macaroni salad! She went way out on a limb and brough bread! Some people brought lunch meats another Mom made some spaghetti --nobody brought eating utensils or condiments to put on the sandwiches! I almost brought mayo, mustard, and cheese because I didn't recall seeing it on the list and I thought about bringing plates and utensils too but decided since this lady has tried to micromanage the way everyone comes to games and leaves that she had it covered!LOL NOT!!! So, 1/4 of the macaroni salad was eaten - did I mention she said to make sure there was enough for 30-40 people? Nobody put it back in the cool bag or on ice or anything so it just went to waste. Again, she said to bring enough tomatoes for 30-40 people - this time I didn't listen to her and I only cut up 3 tomatoes. They also went to waste! It's probably a good thing I couldn't stick around because I probably wouldn't have been able to bite my toungue as I have done all season. I had already planned on bringing our own food, I should have just opted out of her "pot luck" and followed through with my plans. It would have cost me less and Carley would have eaten better than she did I'm sure. We ended up heading back home around 9:00 p.m. Saturday night because Emily wasn't feeling good. I think she's getting indigestion or something because her tummy hurts and then her throat hurts -sometimes she throws up too. She seems fine soon if I give her a tums or after she gets sick. We have an appointment at the pediatrician on Friday for this problem...

Sunday, we went and seen Santa! Lindsey has started wanting only me to hold her and definately not wanting Strangers to hold her. She loves everyone and smiles at everyone but fusses when someone else holds her now and then. But, she seemed to like Santa. Carley handed her to him and she just layed her little head down and I thought she was going to go to sleep!lol Emily sat on his lap and chatted with him for a few minutes--all she asked for was a new Nintendo DS w/ a camera on it or a Gameboy! She sure makes Santa's job tough! He told her he thought he was out of those already but if he could find one at his toy shop he would definately leave one for her. Good answer Santa! I made Carley sit on his lap too and she jsut giggled that giddy little girl laugh and blushed a ton because everyone in line was watching her.

I think we also finished up our Christmas shopping, just gotta get some stocking stuffers and that's it. :) Oh yeah, I bought Lindsey a new pair of shoes today - they are so cute! Here's a picture of her new shoes and a pic of the girls with Santa... Have a great week everyone!

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Daisydaze said...

Some of those 'organizers' need someone to do their planning for them!!

Those shoes are just the cutest things I have ever seen!