So much fun and so exciting with every new day!

I never forgot how much I love having a baby, if I wouldn't get any older and if I had endless amounts of money I would have lots of babies. I just can't think of anything in the world that brings me more joy, I love all babies. But, I can't even think of a way ot express just how much I love and adore my own baby girls, all three of them. Right now, with all the new things Lindsey is doing and as exciting as it is I just can't help but think years down the road how crazy she would think I was if she was able to remember how neat I think it is with all the little things she does now. Right now she is pulling herself up so that she is sitting straight up in her high chair and plays with toys on the tray. I just started feeding her some first foods (applesauce, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, green beans and her favorite banannas) and it amazes me how she just started eating it as if she had been eating forever. She never gagged or pushed it out of her mouth because of the new texture, etc. She just loves her food! The last couple days she has decided she wants to eat her food twice a day so that is what she gets. My other two didn't eat solids until closer to 6 months and it was something we had to ease into so this is kind of a new experience. Also, would you believe she is already waking up with a dry diapy? I think she will probably be an easy potty trainer. Carley was the same way, but I didn't notice that she didn't wet her diaper until she was about 6 months. Both the older girls were pretty easy to potty train and we did it relatively early - Carley just before she turned 1 and Emily at about 13 months. Hopefully it will be the same with Lindsey and I think it will. :) I am also shocked at how fast this little girls is growing. I mean I realize the grow quick, but she is already growing out of her size 6 month clothes! The main thing I am the most thankful for right now is that she is not showing any signs of the CF and I am just hoping it continues that way for the rest of her long life! So, yeah I'm a little giddy over my girls, but that's my job and my whole reason for living so accept me for me. :) hahahaha

Happy New Year everyone!

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