Simple Christmas Ornaments

Every year I make ornaments for certain people, like the nurses at our pediatricians office. Two of the nurses have always been there since I started taking my oldest daughter there 11 years ago. The following year is when I started taking them ornaments and they always go down the list of ornaments I have given them over the years. One of them always tells me about when she's taking her ornaments out for the tree and how she always thinks of me and the girls when she takes those ornaments out. Ornaments make great gifts for teachers, school office, lunch ladies, school yard supervisors, mail people, favorite store clerks, etc...

This year I am starting with some very simple ornaments, I don't know if I will find time to do much more. I bought a bunch of the little white ornaments at the end of the season last year when they were on clearance for like 25 cents each. I planned on using waterslide decals to decorate them but first I will use up some rub-ons that I bought at the same time because it's fast, easy, and I think the end result is pretty cute.

Here's a picture and the simple instructions are below the picture:
Wipe down the ornaments with a cleaner that wont leave behind any residue. Choose the rub on you would like to add - these were the snowman faces, I also have some little winter scenes that I will use in the centers of some of the ornaments. There is no wait time once the rub-on is applied so now you can embellish the ornament some more. I added ribbon and fancy hangers to them and on some I also applied snow-tex and glitter. That's it! It doesnt' get much easier or faster and they are well received too.
You may want to add a gift card or a little sweets by using the same idea on a band-aid tin like this:

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