My favorite Gingerbread ornaments to make

Of course you know if I made more than one it's a pretty easy project!lol I don't remember where I got the instructions for these or even if I had instructions for them to be like they are so I apologize for not giving further credit where credit is due. I will explain the best that I can anyway because they really are easy and I think they turn out pretty cute, hope you do too...
gingerbread girls ornaments

Start with the clear glass ornaments, either the round bulbs or the round ornaments that are kind of flat (skinnier bulb). Mix a brown acrylic color of your choice with snow tex - I think I used Terra Cotta & cocoa mixed together. Use a sponge paint brush and dab it onto the bulb covering well. I attached yard to mine and found a place to hang them to dry. Add hair and mouth with snow tex writer. Once they are dry I add the bows & hanger and then I paint on the faces - no final sealer is neccesary. Let the faces dry and they are done!

I added glitter to this set:
gingerbread girls ornaments

I'm sure someone can get creative and make a cute snowman. I tried one real quick but he's not great but you get the idea:
snowman experiment

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