cupcake birthday invitations

Hello friends! I know I am a terrible blogger, somehow by the end of the day I just don't have the energy to craft much. Really, it's not that I don't have the energy to craft -I would craft half asleep if I could. It's the mess I leave myself afterwards that I don't have the energy to deal with.lol

Anyway, Emily will be 8 years old one week from today. I can't believe how time flies... I started out to make an ice cream cone invitations with the same concept but couldn't find an ice cream cone I wanted to use. I used this cupcake out of one of my hugware creatables and when I went back to see which one so that I could share would be you believe I can't find it anywhere! I searched for over an hour last night for it and couldn't find it! I used just the one cupcake image, I printed them out and cut them apart. In Digital Image 2006 I used my magic wand to choose the top of the cupcake, deleted most of sprinkls and then chose to "duplicate" the area that was highlighted with the magic wand. Obviously that is the area I chose to put the party information on. So, to start I had three pieces - the top of the cupcake, the bottom of the cupcake, and the inside top of the cupcake. I glued the bottom of the cupcake and the inside party information to a piece of black card stock, I then glued the a small section of the top of the cupcake onto the invitation information. I cut the black cardstock outlining the whole cupcake and then used my score pal to score just under the cherry so that the card would open up nicely. We then used stickles to the cherry to add a little bling, I wanted to add a little tag that said "your invited" and attach it with a ribbon tied around the bottom of the cupcake but had to get them out so left it as is. Next time....

So, that is my share for today. I really enjoyed myself getting these made and I didn't make too big of a mess and it didn't take too much time. All of that is motivation to create some more. Today the girls and I will be making Father's Day cards, maybe I will get to share them too! :) Have a great day friends...

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Brenda said...

WOW sooo adorable!! What hug ware creatable did you use?