Counting down to so much this week...

First, my Cricut Expressions and everything that comes with it should be here in a few days, I'm anxiously waiting! I have even gotten two cartridges in addition to the ones coming with it. I found deals on Robotz & the Paisley cartridges. I also have a Sesame Street & Sesame Street Font cartridge on it's way, which will please my Sesame Street fan in the house(Lindsey)...

We are also going on a little vacation, just me and the girls with Grandma & cousin! We are going to San Diego to Sea World(our first time), then to Disneyland, my most favorite place to visit! We are using our tickets that we received for participating in the "Give A Day Get A Day" promotion. We volunteered on three different days so that the whole family could get their tickets, but Cris will not be going with us after all. I so need a vacation and I know we are going to have a blast, I can't even tell you how excited I am!

In the meantime during our count down I am going to try to get a few autograph/memory books made for the kids -wish my Cricut E was here already! I also need to make some play dough and get a "entertainment bag" made up for our in between times from the parks. I always say I'm not going to tell the kids about our trips to Disneyland because each day ends with less sleep because of the anticipation -by the time we get there they are exhausted!lol Hoping since we have been a few times that they will be able to sleep this time because I am terrible at keeping secrets and couldn't wait to tell!!!LOL

Have a great week friends, be happy and craft away! If I get those books made I will share, that is a big IF though... :D

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