Another Cricut Cart...

Yes, I ordered a new cricut cartridge! Is this a sickness I will ever overcome?LOL I have 3 or 4 cartridges that I haven't even opened yet and I couldn't stop myself from ordering a new one tonight. I tried, I left and went back to creativexpress 4 times and the 5th time I just went for it! I had been trying to think of shapes to put together in the design studio to make an owl. Well, I decided to go see what was new at cricut.com and seen the Wild Card cartridge has an owl! I had to have it, I just love all the cute owl stuff that's out these days. I have always loved those little guys, I think they are so adorable and so mysterious at the same time! The girls always laugh at me because every year at the fair I go find "Zoo to You" so I can see their most adorable little owl. I don't remember what kind he is but he is tiny and just too cute for words! Anyway, I hope I can get busy with my Cricut and use all these cartridges I have. I also hope Cris never figures out that I have so many cartridges and that I havne't even used all of them yet...hehehe

Happy cutting!

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