My Digital Studio

I bit the bullet yesterday and ordered My Digital Studio! I know it's going to be great I would have ordered it the second it was available to deomonstrators, however the state of the economy has affected our household too so every purchase we make has to be thought through and if we can do without it we don't buy it right now. It stinks, but it's life and we will do what we need to do. So, could I have lived without it?--Definately! But, it help me this holiday season when I am trying to "give" to our family and I really don't have a budget to do much of anything. I also wanted it so that I can learn it, use it, and share with my customers who are thinking about purchasing it themselves. It's a great tool to help with everyone's gift giving this year and for years to come and for all occassions, not just Christmas. I will be sharing what I do with it, I know there will be books and calendars and I can't wait to do cards and I will also venture into new crafts with it - I can't wait! If you haven't checked out Stampin Up's new My Design Studio please click here. Have a fabulous day and don't forget to come back and visit me for updates to my experience with the new My Design Studio from Stampin Up!

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